The Ego of a Marcos

He would, of course, despise the workings of democracy. He was weaned on dictatorship after all. He is a dictator’s scion through and through.

Albeit called unofficial, the data of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) is from COMELEC’s own database. It is not fabricated. It is not rigged like surveys.

The parallel counting conducted by the citizens arm do not cause confusion. On the contrary, the transparency it affords encourages confidence on the election results. It is a vanguard against fraud. It is a weapon against another blatant mockery to democracy like Marcos’ 1986 snap election.

It is appalling that Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s dissenting opinion is anchored on his personal perception, his so-called exit polls and his self-serving ‘internal surveys’. He finds it unbelievable to lose the vice presidential race because his surveys say otherwise.  He wants to stop PPCRV’s counting and instead asks the media to believe his own ‘internal quick-count’. He is “certain” that if PPCRV’s audit is stopped, he would emerge as winner. Is this his very own “Plan B”?

Perhaps the dictator’s son should check his bloated ego. Elections are not meant to validate his quest for power. This country is not his birthright.

Never again should we allow democracy to be bastardized.


First blog post




To say that I am afraid is an understatement. I am terrified as the countdown rushes to zero. I never imagined that democratic elections can be as ominous as it has become. Not if you live in a democracy.

It is frightening to see that we have come to taunt diplomacy as weakness. We now view decency as hypocrisy. We now venerate disrespect as self-expression. Insults have become the new norm of discourse. And political debates have been reduced to a mere exchange of expletives and threats.

These wouldn’t have ruffled our feathers had they come from politicos. What’s unnerving is that this new phenomenon of political barbarism is perpetuated by us common citizens.

I understand the angst. I, too, am a diligent worker who merely lives paycheck to paycheck. I can’t afford to buy a house. I can only dream of owning a car. Heck, I don’t even have a smart phone. The need for change is a constant reminder that I can’t ignore. It gnaws at my half empty stomach, it is a twist in my gut when I can barely save enough for my child’s education, it makes my blood run cold when my child is sick and all I have is an empty wallet.

But I can’t understand why we seemed to have chosen to wage war against each other instead of against the common social ills that plague us. Our 7,100+ islands have never been as divided. What’s worse, our divisiveness is seething with hate, merely because we differ in our choices of politicos.

There is not one individual who has a miraculous panacea for everything that is wrong in our country. There is not one politico who can hand us change on a silver platter overnight. They are not made of finer stock than us. They are just like us, only afflicted with messianic complex.

The government can only do so much. Change will come when we learn to exercise our rights without trampling on the rights of others, when we start to follow the rules even when no one is looking, when we do our jobs well and not with mediocrity, when we conduct ourselves with honesty even if others don’t, when we actively engage in democratic processes to hold the government accountable, when we do what little we can to contribute to a better nation, and when we teach our children the right values so they will later become decent citizens.

It is with fervent hope that we can pray together for a peaceful election. It is with fervent prayer that we usher in change without sacrificing our civility and children’s future as collateral damages.